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Front Porch


The evening had actually been fun, much more so than Clark had thought it would be. Art galleries really weren’t his thing, but since his history class was studying the Renaissance, Lex had suggested a trip to the Metropolis Art Museum. Their collection of Renaissance art was pretty extensive, and Clark decided that it might help him remember all those artists’ names. Plus, it was a chance to spend an evening with Lex, and that was always a good thing.

It was nice having Lex’s undivided attention. He had guided Clark through the rooms of paintings, telling him the history of the more prominent artists, along with a few interesting tales of their personal lives that Clark doubted he would find in his text book. He hadn't known that Michelangelo wrote poetry. He wouldn't have cared either if Lex hadn't recited some of it for him. Clark wasn't sure if it was the words that made him flush or Lex’s voice. Or maybe it was because Lex said the poem had been written to another man.

The drive back to Smallville was quiet. They listened to a new CD that Lex had bought the day before. They talked about everything and nothing. It was easy. Nice. And Clark found himself feeling a little sad that it was over as they turned off the road and under the Kent Farm sign. The car eased into the drive and came to a stop in front of the house. Clark turned to say goodnight to Lex, and thank him for the trip, but Lex was already stepping out of the car. Clark smiled, although he wasn’t quite sure what he was smiling about. He opened the door and got out too. Lex had come around to the passenger side, and was just standing there, eyes closed and breathing deeply.

"It smells so…good here, Clark."

"What do you smell?" Clark asked, amused.

Lex took another breath and looked around. "Freshly mown grass. The flowers growing over the railing there. Those bales of hay stacked on the truck bed." He breathed in again. "And cinnamon. I think your mom must have baked something tonight."

Clark smiled. He liked the way Lex seemed more relaxed here at the farm...well, as long as his dad wasn't around. Looking up, he saw that the lights in his parent's bedroom were out. It was late, and they must be asleep by now. He grinned at Lex. "Wanna go in? We could sneak around the kitchen and see if we can find whatever it is she made," he said, waggling his eyebrows. "It may be cookies..." his voice trailed off in a hopeful invitation.

Lex chuckled. "Thanks, Clark, but no. I wouldn't want to wake up your parents." Lex tilted his head and regarded Clark with a grin that could only be described as sly. "I doubt if your father would appreciate finding me sneaking around late at night with his son."

Clark's eyes widened in surprise as he had a sudden vision of himself, sneaking around in the dark with Lex for reasons other than stealing cookies. He felt his face flush, and hoped the darkness covered it. Lex was flirting with him again. He was sure of it. And as usual, he had no idea what to do about that.

"Come on, Clark. I'll walk you to your door."

Clark opened his mouth to tell Lex that he didn't have to do that, but changed his mind and said nothing. Instead, he strolled slowly up the walk and ascended the front steps, Lex falling into step beside him. He liked this companionship. If truth be told, he was never happier than when spending time with Lex. When he reached the front door, he turned.

He was about to say goodnight, but Lex was close. So close. Close enough that Clark could smell his cologne, heady with spice and musk. It made him feel a little dizzy. Or maybe it was Lex standing so close to him that made him feel dizzy.

Lex was looking at him, something serious in his eyes that Clark had seen before. And he was pretty sure he knew what it meant. Slowly, Lex reached out and placed his hand at the base of Clark's neck, massaging it softly. Clark shivered. Then the hand was tugging his head down, and Clark closed his eyes and let himself be drawn in.

Gently, their lips met. Lex's lips were much softer than Clark had ever imagined. And yes, he admitted to himself, he had imagined it. But this was better than anything he could have ever dreamed up. Light kisses, one after another ghosting over his mouth. And Clark reciprocated, kissing the corners of Lex's mouth, his bottom lip, his upper lip. Clark ran the tip of his tongue over the little scar in the center of Lex's upper lip, and Lex groaned. His lips parted, and Clark's tongue slid inside, tasting, teasing, and stroking against Lex's tongue.

Lex's free arm slipped up Clark's back and pulled him closer. Clark’s arms automatically encircled Lex, and he felt the hard back underneath the thin fabric of Lex's shirt. The kiss deepened, and Clark felt Lex's tongue pushing against his own and then past it and on into his mouth. This time it was Clark who groaned. He felt like he was falling, sinking into Lex so deeply that he didn't know where he ended and Lex began. The front porch faded away until there was nothing but Lex, Lex’s mouth, Lex’s arms, Lex’s tongue. A sense of euphoria washed over Clark, and he felt light-headed. He wondered if this was what it felt like to be drunk.

Slowly, Lex pulled back, looking into Clark’s eyes and licking his lips. Clark missed those lips, and wanted them back. He tried to focus on Lex’s eyes, but those lips were demanding his attention.

"Clark," Lex said quietly.


Lex leaned in and pressed one more kiss to Clark’s mouth before pulling away. "Goodnight, Clark."

Lex had slipped out of his arms and was walking down the steps before Clark could move. Then panic set in as many thoughts tumbled through his head at once. What was that? Wow! Where was Lex going? Geez, he wanted to do that again!


Lex turned at the bottom of the steps. "Ssshh, Clark, do you want to wake everyone?" He pointed toward the upstairs of the house with an amused grin. "Oh, by the way," he said as he started around to the driver’s side of the car, "are you busy tomorrow night?"

Clark shoved his hands in his pockets and tried to kick start his brain. "Uh. No."

Lex opened the car door. "Come by the mansion, say...eight o’clock? We’ll watch a movie...or something."

"“Uh. Okay," Clark said. And then, in a slightly delayed reaction, he beamed one of his highest voltage smiles at Lex.

Still grinning, Lex got in the car. Clark watched as the sleek automobile purred to life, glided quietly down the drive and turned onto the road. He grinned listening to the engine roar as the car accelerated into the distance. The grin remained as he slipped into the house and quietly made his way upstairs.

Once in his room, Clark flung his clothes off and dropped onto his bed. His best friend had just kissed him. That was a first. And he’d kissed him back. That was a first too. He could still smell Lex on his skin, and he felt his insides flutter when he thought back on the kissing. They fluttered even more when he thought about going up to the mansion the next night. Clark smiled into the dark, and fell asleep wondering what other firsts he would find there.


I feel as lit by fire a cold countenance
That burns me from afar and keeps itself ice-chill;
A strength I feel two shapely arms to fill
Which without motion moves every balance.
~ Michelangelo (as translated by Michael Sullivan)



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